Hannah and Jeremy

our story

It all started about 11 years ago when we met for the first time at Pearlstone Conference Center in Baltimore. We don't remember if we spoke, but it marked the first encounter in what would be a long history of seemingly insignificant interactions. A few months later, we both signed up to attend Barack Obama's inauguration in Washington, DC through The Associated. We may not have talked much, but we did get our first picture together. These sort of serendipitous encounters would continue for the next 6 years as we had several mutual friends (we both are Jews from Baltimore, after all).

Later, we often crossed paths at The University of Maryland. As we were both part of Jewish Greek organizations, we occasionally ran into each other at frat parties. Shortly after Jeremy graduated from college and moved to Arlington, VA, one of his close friends, Pratik, began dating a senior at UMD, Allie, who also happened to be one of Hannah's roommates and best friends (and current Bridesmaid). Naturally, Allie and Pratik immediately tried to set us up as we were their only single, Jewish friends. Being the stubborn people that we are, we both resisted, saying "oh, we already know each other." But now that two of our closest friends were dating, we began seeing each other more frequently. In April 2015, the inevitable happened while Jeremy was visiting some friends in Federal Hill in Baltimore, where Hannah was living post-college. We were with a group of mutual friends at Hannah's favorite bar at the time, Ropewalk, and began hitting it off for the first time. Before the night was over, Jeremy asked for Hannah's phone number. After about 6 weeks of texting and meeting on the weekends at Ropewalk, Jeremy wised up and asked Hannah to be his date to his company's spring social at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. Our first formal date confirmed what we already knew. Later that weekend, Jeremy officially asked Hannah to be his girlfriend and the rest is history. A few months later, Jeremy ended our “long distance” relationship from Arlington to Baltimore by moving back up here, and we spent the next three happy years working hard in our careers, getting to know each other’s wonderful families, adventuring to places like Spain and Portugal, and for Hannah, embracing Jeremy’s number-1 team, the Ravens.

Flash forward to June 2018 and Jeremy was ready to ask Hannah to spend the rest of her life with him. For our 3 year anniversary, Jeremy planned a full weekend of activities to celebrate, including brunch and a trip to the National Museum of African American History. After spending a few hours there, Jeremy insisted on going to the Natural History museum next, which Hannah thought was just a cute gesture to celebrate the anniversary of our first date at the museum. After walking through the museum (with a strange detour to one specific bathroom, where Jeremy’s brother, Josh, covertly handed off the ring), we ended up in the gems and minerals section, where the Hope Diamond is on display. This is the same room where we spent the majority of our first date, so it was here that Jeremy thought was the perfect location to propose. While looking at the Hope Diamond, Jeremy grabbed Hannah's hand and pulled her away before getting down on one knee and asking her to marry him. After a brief period of shock and disbelief, she happily said yes! More surprises were in store: our families were waiting outside in a limo to celebrate with us as we drove back to our home in Baltimore. When the limo dropped us off, the party continued - Jeremy had arranged for our closest friends and family to join us to toast this special occasion. It was a magical night that we will never forget!
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